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Jan. 29th, 2010

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Free family history - Family history

Aug. 21st, 2009

New Computer

I got a new MacBook Pro!!  Impulse buy!

I really really need to control my spending HOWEVER, it was something I needed.  Just keep telling myself that. 

Aug. 17th, 2009

Movie Network

Watching M-Fun...first Pineapple Express and then Hot Rod, apparently it's Danny McBride day.
Kenny Powers FTW!

Aug. 11th, 2009

I suck at updating

I'm pretty horrible at updating my livejournal, my last post was something in July of 2007. 

Let see, what have I been up to?  Not much, really. 

All 3 seasons of the Mighty Boosh were released on dvd in Canada on July 21 (my bday) so that's what I'm all about right now.


Jul. 13th, 2007


I FINALLY got my last postcard.
Unfortunately the other two plus my camera are packed away because my room is being painted.
So I probably won't post them until Sunday.
But they all arrived saftely (for the three who had me) and they're all awesome.

Jun. 28th, 2007

(no subject)

New job...I dont' have to serve customers
Alex is in heaven.

Nov. 3rd, 2006

(no subject)

Perfect example of why i love jay wilson.

so i got those sour 'candy from strangers' in my marvelous mail.
and they're kinda gross but not...like they're delcious at first but then taste weird.
but i totally love the packaging and i like the candies i just can't eat a lot at once.
so i gave him one...and i told them they were weird and like i couldn't decide if i liked them.
so, he ate it and he said 'mmmmmm', hmmmmm, they're kinda like those weird soap things
you threw in the bath when you were younger. like those lemony fizzy things.
they're good can i have some more?

and then i laughed a lot, cuz he probably ate soap when he was younger.

Nov. 2nd, 2006

(no subject)

I got my marvelous mail today.
It was marvelous
Thank You so much.
There was no user name on it...so thanks Adrienne

Package included:
pumpkin bag
bat pen
lindt ghosts
tons of ninja turtles candy sticks
fake eyelashes
two buttons (meHoi buttons...i already have collection of them (not the ones you sent tho)...i love her stuff)
three postcards
awesome lemon candies

Oct. 24th, 2006

(no subject)

I enjoy this quick update feature/ friends birthday.
keeps me up to date on all the what what.

Boo I have to leave now for simon class.
I wish it was Louise class.

Oct. 17th, 2006

(no subject)

The 411...my mail is on the move.
Sorry for the weekend delay marvelous buddy.

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